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Mattresses and Pillows for Chronic Allergies

Mattresses and Pillows for Chronic Allergies

Here are some ways to reduce allergy symptoms and get a good night’s sleep.

Many of us may figure during certain times of the year that we are suffering from allergies when we have a runny nose and sneeze, or experience watery eyes- and you are most likely right. Seasonal allergies are common and usually only slightly discomforting for many people, but for others their lives may come to a screeching halt until their symptoms can be brought back under control. Many times, symptomatic suffering is worsened by stressors in your life. A lack of sleep can exacerbate stress, causing symptoms to flare up. This is a twofold problem since sleep also aides in healing and recovery, so if you aren’t receiving enough of it you will struggle with symptoms.

Hypoallergenic Bedding

Dust mites are drawn to the skin cells we shed. As such, they thrive in our bedding. If you’re allergic to dust mites and haven’t yet invested in a hypoallergenic dust mite mattress cover, there’s a good chance you’re spending a solid portion of each day breathing in their waste and, perhaps, suffering the consequences. Reducing allergy symptoms is one of the primary driving reasons that people purchase mattress covers, but it’s not the only benefit you get from them.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Anything that goes on your bed will have to accomplish one of the most important tasks a bed is called to: being comfortable. A mattress cover should be something you don’t feel at all, unless it adds a little extra padding and makes you more comfortable. The hypoallergenic mattress covers of old were often stiff and squeaky but companies now sell many covers that are more comfortable or that you don’t feel at all. The main things to be on the lookout for today are covers that don’t breathe well so you end up feeling hot throughout the night, and covers that cause the sheets to bunch or otherwise not move naturally and comfortably. Some customers will be sensitive to these things; others won’t notice one way or another. If you fall into the sensitive category though, it’s important to locate a mattress cover that won’t cause you any discomfort so you can sleep as well as ever.

Get Your New Mattress at All American Mattress

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