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Should You Buy a Queen or King Mattress?

how to select a king mattress

Learn whether a queen or king mattress is the best choice for your bedroom.

If you share your bed with a partner, or simply desire more space, you should consider purchasing either a queen or king mattress. But while both of these mattresses offer plenty of space, how can you tell which one is right for you? There are several factors you should consider before making your final mattress purchase. Read on to learn how you can determine whether a queen or king mattress is right for you. 

Who Should Use a Queen Mattress

The following groups may benefit more from sleeping on a queen mattress: 

  • Single sleepers: if you toss and turn frequently, a twin mattress may be too narrow. A queen size mattress is 60 inches wide, which gives you plenty of space.
  • Couples: While a couple can fit on a queen, if they prefer sleeping further apart, they may need more space. A queen also offers room for a child or pet to sleep with the couple. 
  • Anyone shorter than 6 feet and 7 inches: The queen is long enough at 80 inches to comfortably fit people who are this height. Anyone taller may find that their legs dangle off the edges. 
  • People with available space: If your bedroom is large enough for a queen mattress, it can fit beautifully. If your room can’t quite fit a queen, you may have to use a full size or twin mattress. 
  • Budget-minded shoppers: queen-size beds have mid-level price points. They are more expensive than a twin, twin XL, or full-sized mattress but less expensive than king or California king mattresses. 

Who Should Use a King Mattress

These groups may also benefit from using a king mattress: 

  • Single sleepers: again, if you move a lot and are worried about falling off your bed, a king-size mattress provides you with plenty of space. 
  • Couples who want extra room: If you sleep with a partner and desire extra space to move, a king mattress may be the best size to fit both of you comfortably. 
  • Anyone shorter than 6 feet 7 inches tall: Queen and king mattresses are both 80 inches long, so the same height restrictions apply. If you are taller than this height and don’t want your feet to dangle, a California king may be your best option. 
  • People with large bedrooms: The king is the largest of standard mattresses, which means you will need a large bedroom to accommodate its width. 
  • Shoppers with larger budgets: King-sized mattresses can sometimes cost as much as their California counterparts, which can be a few hundred dollars more than a queen mattress. 

What Else to Consider Before Selecting Your Mattress

Finally, before selecting your new queen or king mattress, you should consider a few other factors: 

  • Bedroom and House Dimensions: make sure you can fit your new mattress through your front door and into your bedroom. You should also have someone handy who can help you lift the heavy mattress. 
  • Bedding Sets: Because queen and king mattresses are both standard sizes, you should have no problem finding bedding sheet sets. These sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, and a comforter. If you are considering your budget, remember to factor in the price of your new sheets. 
  • Pets and Children: Do you have pets or kids that will expect to share your bed with you? Consider how much space they take up before selecting a queen or king mattress. 

By considering your comfort, size, and budget requirements, you can select the best queen or king mattress for you. 

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