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How to Take Care of Your Mattress

how to take care of your mattress

There are a few critical things you must do to take care of your mattress.

So you’ve just bought a new mattress. You shopped for weeks, you did your research, and you finally found the mattress that offers you just what you need. But now you need to make it last through years of wear. A quality mattress can last a long time, but if you fail to take care of it, you can cut the lifetime of your mattress in half. So what can you do to take care of your mattress and keep it at its best? Read on for a few essential tips on how to take care of your mattress. 

Rotate Your Mattress

Most mattresses these days are built from the bottom up, rather than the center out. This means that flipping your mattress will not do much. However, you can rotate your mattress to allow the surface to wear more evenly.

You will want to rotate the mattress fairly often at first as you break it in, about once a month, for the first two or three months. After that, you can rotate your mattress three or four times a year to keep the wear even. However, if your mattress is quite old and needs to be replaced, rotating the mattress won’t make a difference. Rotating your mattress is a way to take care of your mattress by helping to prevent damages, but it is not a solution to damage. 

Use a Mattress Protector

The advanced foams in many mattresses today need to be kept dry. Oils, sweat, other bodily fluids, food or drink, and humidity can all get into the foams of your mattress and break them down and lead to premature sagging. Preventing this invasion of moisture is just one reason to use a mattress protector

Think of it this way: buying a new mattress and not using a mattress protector is like buying a new phone and not using a phone case. 

Give Your Mattress Proper Support

There are several ways to take care of your mattress by giving it proper support. A platform bed with enough cross slats can offer great support. A new boxspring and frame is also a good option, as long as the frame has a center support bar with a leg placed from the bar to the ground. If you buy a new mattress, you should buy a new bed frame and support. Mattresses are built heavier these days, so reusing an old box spring, for instance, may not supply adequate support for your mattress.

Move Your Mattress Carefully

When you pick up your new mattress, do not force your mattress into a small space. Some mattresses, like the Leesa brand, can be compressed in delivery. But many are not designed to be bent, and bending it can cause severe damage to the coils. Additionally, if you move and take your mattress with you, make sure the mattress is covered well. 

Your mattress is a significant financial investment, and you should treat it like you would any other high-price item you took careful time to select. 

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