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3 Back-To-School Sleep Tips For Your Kids and Teens

Check out these essential back-to-school sleep tips for your kids and teens.

Check out these essential back-to-school sleep tips for your kids and teens.

School is back in session, and after a summer and sleeping in, your kids are probably struggling to get back on a good sleep schedule. Whether your kids have to be up at 5:30 or 8 am, it’s important that they are getting enough quality sleep to ensure they remain focused throughout the school day. Continue reading for a few important back-to-school sleep tips for your kids and teens.

Limit Screen Time

Your kids will want to unwind after a long day of school and homework, but it’s important to limit screen time before bed. Using screens before bedtime that emit blue light, including smartphones, tablets, and TV, leads to increased time to fall asleep and suppresses the production of melatonin. The best thing to do is to keep TVs and phones out of the bedroom and have your kids avoid screens for at least an hour before bed. Instead, have them relax by playing board games or cards, taking a relaxing shower or bath, or read a book they enjoy.

Same Schedule On Weekends

All kids and teens want to sleep in on the weekends, but unfortunately, it’s crucial to stick to the same sleep schedule every night. Although it’s very tempting to stay up later and sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, it’s best for people of all ages to stick to a schedule. You can allow your kids to push back their bedtimes and sleep in up to an hour, but any more than that will cause too much disruption to their school sleep schedule.

Bedtime Routine

One of the best ways to ensure a peaceful night of quality sleep is to have a relaxing bedtime routine. This should begin an hour or two before bed and can include any activities your kids find relaxing. This may include helpful activities such as making lunch for the next day, laying out an outfit, and packing their backpack with homework and books. It can also include having family time by playing a game or enjoying a fun hobby such as drawing. As long as the routine is relaxing, includes no screens, and is the same every night, your kids should have no problem sleeping through the night.

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