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The Best Mattress Features for Restless Sleepers

The Best Mattress Features for Restless Sleepers

Restless sleepers will at least be able to get a good night’s sleep when they buy a mattress with one or more of these features.

If you are sharing your bed with a partner who keeps you up with their constant movement, you may be dealing with a restless sleeper. This sleeper may not even wake themselves up with their movement, but you might certainly notice it. This may seem to be a small issue, but it can lead to larger arguments, lack of sleep, and aggravating sleep disorders for both you and your partner. Fortunately, with the variety of mattresses available on the market, you can find a mattress that will help alleviate restless sleeping. When looking for a new mattress for a restless sleeper, search for the following features. 

Motion Isolation 

Motion isolation will help prevent the most aggravating trait of restless sleepers, which is that their movement transfers across the entire mattress. Memory foam mattresses offer the best motion isolation and can provide a better night’s sleep to both the restless sleeper and their partner. 

Mattress Customization 

The ability to customize both sides of the bed is an excellent feature to have, especially for couples that suffer from one person’s restless sleeping. Mattresses with customizable firmness options allow each sleeper to achieve their ideal comfort level, which can help minimize motion transfer between the two sleepers. Some mattresses enable position adjustment, as well as firmness adjustment, which can further help personalize your sleeping comfort. 

Mattress Materials that Prevent Restless Sleep 

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses and their motion isolation are often the most popular choice for restless sleepers. The material is also useful for relieving pressure points, which alleviates pain and promotes proper spine alignment, all of which contribute to better sleep. 


The natural component of latex mattresses helps conform to your movement and distribute body weight evenly. However, latex is more responsive than memory foam. The material does sleep cool, though, which can contribute to comfort and decrease restlessness. 

Hybrid Coil 

Mattresses with individually wrapped springs provide motion isolation, optimal support, and pressure relieving properties. These mattresses sleep cool due to their pocketed coil structure that allows free air circulation. However, some are bouncier than others and can cause motion transfer, which is bad for restless sleepers sharing a bed. 

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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