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How To Choose The Right Bed Frame

New Bed Frame

When choosing a new bed frame, you want to make sure you’re getting the right frame for you.

Have you ever thought about what goes under your box spring to hold up your bed? Your bed frame is a very significant part of your new bed and is one of the most overlooked parts of the purchase. Choosing the right bed frame for you can be the difference between a restless night and a solid night’s sleep.

Bed Frame Size

If you have already chosen a mattress or have the headboard you want to use, then you should know what size bed frame you need. The names usually match up to the mattress that should accompany them; for instance, a queen size and king size mattress pair with queen and king size bed frames. However, if you don’t have a mattress picked out yet, you’ll want to consider the size of your bedroom. If you have a smaller room, a full size is a good option for a single sleeper and is possible to fit two sleepers, but it is a tight fit. If you have the extra 13 inches across and 15 inches length, a queen bed is a more comfortable choice for couples. Larger rooms can choose any size bed that fits their needs and budget.

Tip: If you are taller than average, look for specialty size XL frames.

Bed Frame or Platform Bed

A traditional frame requires a box spring and a mattress, while a platform bed doesn’t need a box spring at all. This means that the mattress sits directly on the bed frame for support. The pros of this type of bed include the hassle of buying and finding another piece for your bed is eliminated, the bed comes in many styles and often includes a headboard, and a bed frame can attach to any headboard and footboard you want. The cons are that your bed is shorter and you will need extra support underneath in place of a box spring.

The Right Bed Frame For Every Situation

Standard bed frames provide options for most uses, but you may want something special out of your frame that should be taken into account while looking for the perfect choice for you. Some special situations to consider when shopping for a bed frame include:

  • Height: If you prefer a tall or short frame, you’ll need to look for that specifically. The standard height is about seven inches tall, so if you want something shorter, you’ll need to find a specialized low profile design. If you want the bed to be higher off the ground, find adjustable feet to raise the frame.
  • Support: Support is critical, especially if you choose a platform bed with no box spring. Be sure to choose a heavy-duty model made especially for extra strength, as this will extend the lifetime of your bedding and provide a more restful sleep.
  • Flooring: If you have vintage wood or expensive carpet, take that into account when choosing your new bed frame. You want feet that won’t scratch your floor and using glides are usually a good option.  

Choose the Bed Frame for Your Bedroom

At All American Mattress, we have the expertise and great prices to help you choose the perfect bed frame for your bedroom. We have mattresses and bed frames available made from a variety of materials to suit your needs, whatever they are. Stop by our showroom, visit us online, or give us a call at (410) 451-9006 to see how we can get your toddler sleeping through the night. We offer brand names at affordable prices and we will always work hard to keep your whole family comfortable. For more mattress shopping tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.