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How To Know When You Should Replace Your Pillow

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Check the following factors to determine when you should replace your pillow.

When your mattress gets lumpy or your bedsheets flatten, you know it’s time to replace those items. However, you may not realize that your comfy pillow also needs to be replaced. You may not even notice that your pillow is not working quite as well as it used to, but after about two years, your pillow should be replaced to provide the best support and comfort. How do you know when the time is right to replace your pillow? Consider the pillow’s freshness and support and your individual health issues. 


Nothing else besides your pillow that has such prolonged and direct contact with your face. Every night your eyes, ears, and skin come into contact with your pillow. You wouldn’t want to sleep on a dirty surface every night, would you? Although your pillow may look clean, it can hold a lot of unseen contamination. When you sleep, you shed small amounts of skin and hair, and you may produce drool and body oil, which your pillow absorbs. These elements can accumulate in your pillow and cause stains and foul odors, while dead skin cells create a breeding environment for dust mites. 

If your pillow is stained or malodorous, you should replace it as needed. To maintain a fresh pillow, you can use a pillow protector and a pillowcase or cover, which you can launder every few weeks. The pillow should be washed every three to six months. Use hot water and wash twice: first with mild soap and then with no soap. Dry the pillow at a low temperature or air dry. 


Pillows are meant to support your head and neck and keep your body aligned during sleep. If your pillow wears down, it can fail to provide support. You may also need to replace your pillow if you change sleeping positions, gain or lose weight, or have a specific injury. If your pillow loses support, it may feel lumpy or flat, and you may notice neck strain, backaches, and headaches. 


Your pillow affects your health directly and indirectly. If your pillow interferes with a good night’s sleep, it can compromise your immune system. A dirty pillow can also cause acne, and dust mites can precipitate an allergic reaction in some people. If you wake up with allergy symptoms like sneezing that go away once you leave the bed, dust mites may be the cause. 

If you think your pillow is causing allergies, sleep strain, or acne, even after you wash and care for it regularly, it’s time to replace your pillow. 

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