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The Most Common Summer Sleep Problems

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The warm summer months bring their fair share of sleep problems.

Summer has a lot of benefits, including being able to spend more time outside. However, the heat might also be affecting your sleeping. Knowing what you can do to get a better night’s sleep might be the key you’ve been searching for to get at least six good hours in a night.

The biggest problems are actually relatively easy to solve.

The Temperature

When it’s hot outside, it’s often hot inside. This means it might be necessary for you to adjust your thermostat so that it’s cooler in your bedroom. If you want any chance of sleeping, you might need to create a cooler atmosphere. Adding a mattress topper to your mattress might also help to cool your bed down, thus allowing you to get a few extra hours of quality shut-eye.

Too Much Light

With summer comes more hours of daylight. Depending on when you go to sleep each night, the sun could still be up. This makes it harder for you to get to sleep, and with good reason. The best solution might be to get some curtains for the windows that block out a majority of light. If you already have curtains in place and they are not doing what they need to be, you might also want to try getting a sleep mask. This will allow you to put into place and block out the light so that you can get to sleep despite where the sun is.

Lots of Noise

The kids are out of school and the weather is warmer, which means a lot of people take advantage by playing outside. Neighbors might be throwing late-night parties when you are trying to get to sleep. With all the noise that is around, it might be difficult for you to overcome some of the summer sleep problems you encounter.
While you could try talking to neighbors, if this doesn’t work, you might want to get ear plugs or even a white noise machine.


The spring and summer months are when everything is in bloom. There might be high pollen counts plaguing you and there could be all sorts of weeds doing you in as well. Since you can’t get rid of the allergens, it might be necessary to go down and talk to your doctor to see if there is a medication to help you deal with it all.

A new mattress might also help. If it has been eight years or longer since you have replaced a mattress, there might be a lot of allergens inside the mattress.

When you’re ready to overcome summer sleep problems, stop in to see us at All American Mattress today. We have the top brand names and affordable prices so that you can get a better night sleep.


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