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New Mattress Care Tips

Mattress care tips

Using there tips will help your mattress last and stay in great condition!

Now that you have your new mattress, you have tons of questions on the “dos” and “don’ts” of mattress care. How often should you rotate your new mattress? Well, we have this answer and a lot more information for your new mattress! Let’s get started!


Mattress rotation is when the foot of your bed becomes the head of the bed. This turning will help evenly distribute the wear and tear of your mattress, making sure the padding settles evenly throughout the mattress. For most new mattresses, your mattress will need to be rotated every week for the first few months of using it. After two months, your mattress should be rotated every few months. It is also recommended that you do not turn your mattress alone as it could result in produce or personal injury. There is another part of this rotating tale that most people forget about! Just as you rotate your mattress to avoid wear, you should also be rotating your box spring. Box springs can be subject to wear and tear just like any other part of your bed. Rotating it every six months can help it last as long as your mattress.

Don’t Void the Warranty!

Although warranties differ from company to company, there are basics everyone should know. In order to fill out any warranty claims for your mattress, you will need to show proof of purchase with your original receipt. Warranties do not guarantee that you’ll still like it once you’ve brought it home or that it will still be comfortable after years of use. They also do not cover damaged caused by jumping or movement or if the size of your mattress is less than the average size. For example a queen traditionally measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, but if yours measures 59 by 81, this is not something that can be claimed in a warranty. A basic warranty covers manufacturing defects or if something is structurally goes wrong during normal use with a proper foundation. Issues like seams coming apart, sagging greater than the allowable amount, or a coil malfunctions (pops out of the bed) are some of the typical issues warranties will cover. Another thing that could actually void your warranty is stains from liquids or dyes. Any visible stains on your mattress void it immediately. To help avoid this, use a mattress protector.

Other Information

Contrary to popular belief, the FBI is not going to come to your home if you tear the “Do Not Remove” tag from your bed. It does have important information on it which will help you with your warranty information so keeping it attached is a good idea. If you decide to remove these tags, put them with the original receipt. Keeping your mattress clean and using good support is important for a new mattress. Unlike old mattresses, it is not a good idea to use the “old board” trick to add support to your mattress. Wooden boards can actually damage the mattress and box spring and make your original problem worse.

Now that you know what to look for, make sure to read your manufacturers guide to help you understand your specific warranty. If you follow these directions as well as our guide to new mattresses, your mattress will live a very long life!

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