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Product Spotlight: Restonic


Restonic is the winner of the Women’s Choice Award and the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award.

Founded in 1938, Restonic began life as the Triple Cushion Corporation. The company began by making a mattress with a patented construction by adding extra support in the center of the mattress. It wasn’t until 1946 that the company was rebranded as Restonic. After winning the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award approximately eight times along with several other awards, Restonic has become a household name. But what makes up the Restonic brand and how are these mattresses different?


The ComfortCare brand matches individually wrapped coils with a breathable foam to give your body the support and comfort it needs for a good night’s rest. All of the ComfortCare mattresses employ the patented Marvelous Middle Technology that was patented in 1965. This technology prevents innerspring mattresses from sagging. ComfortCare Limited blends innerspring with the TempaGel memory foam to create a blend of old and new technology. This mattress helps to stop motion-transfer, add pressure-point relief, and keep you cool and dry all year round. The ComfortCare Signature includes a cushion-top made from a gel-infused quilting foam. The Signature includes TempaGel, foam encased coils, and AirFlow borders to provide maximum regenerative sleep and full body support. This cushion helps to relieve pressure points and reduce tossing and turning. The ComfortCare Select combines the individually wrapped coils as well as the TempaGel foam.


The HealthRest brand of mattresses are used to help improve your overall health. The HealthRest Latex mattress is constructed of high-quality latex material to give your body ample support and a hygienic sleeping experience. This mattress has been known to help improve circulation and is used to regulate temperature to keep you and your partner cool all night long. Another HealthRest mattress is the TempaGel Mattress. This mattress is made of gel-infused memory foam and Outlast Technology to keep you cool all night. This mattress helps to buffer sensitive pressure points, improving circulation, and helps to reduce tossing and turning. These mattresses help to improve your circulation and can help keep you cool all night.

There are many different types of mattresses on the market, but with a Restonic mattress you can rest easy knowing you have one of the best. For more information on purchasing a Restonic mattress for your home, visit All American Mattress today!

Restonic Mattresses at All American Mattress

One of the simplest ways to turn sleep into a treasure and not a chore is to find a mattress that makes you seriously comfortable. This will not only get you excited about sleep, but it will make it easier to have a restful night. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local mattress and furniture experts at All American Mattress. Stop by or contact All American Mattress at 410-451-9006 today! We have all of the brand names you know and trust at affordable prices. With the areas only commission-free sales staff, All American Mattress’ staff will help you pick out the right bed for your comfort and your budget.

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