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When Should I Replace My Bed Frame?

Dangers of broken bed frames

A broken bed frame can not only cause you bodily hard but it can also void your mattress’ warranty!

Bed frames will only last as long as they are treated well and do not show signs of braking. But unless your mattress ends up on the floor, you may not notice to signs of damage. Just as you check over other items in your home for wear and tear, you should be checking on your bed frame in regular intervals to monitor signs of breaking. But what do you look for? Here are some signs of breaking you should be watching for when checking your bed frame.

Bent Slats

There are several signs your bed from should be replaced. Some frames contain a wooden slat component to them. Most of these bed sets either do not contain a box spring or are to support larger beds. If you have noticed your mattress sinking, it could be because of bowed slats. These slats are made from laminated wood pieces that can break or bow.


Another sign is malfunctioning hardware. If the hardware attaching your headboard and footboard to the frame is becoming loose, twisted, bent, or is broken, it is time to replace either the hardware or the bed frame. If your hardware is set into the frame itself, they cannot be replaced.

Creaking and Groaning

One subtle sign of your bed frame needing to be replaced is the noises it makes. Although you may think all beds groan and creek, that is simply not true. Many beds do not start to groan until they are in their “senior years”. If your bed frame starts creaking and groaning it is a good time to check for signs of wear and tear. You might notice the connecting brackets and joints seem loose or the manufacturer’s glue in the bracketed joints has deteriorated over time. These are both signs you need a replacement.

Cracks and Splitting in the Wood

The final sign you may need a replacement are splits and cracks in the wood. If you have noticed the supports for your bed are cracked or split, this could cause a hazard as the bed could collapse. If you notice cracking or splitting, your bed frame should be replaced immediately to prevent injury.

Just like the other pieces of furniture in your home, bed frames need to be replaced as well. Sleeping on a broken or damaged bed frame could result in a damaged mattress as well as bodily injury. Not having the proper support for your mattress is not only dangerous, but it could also cost you. Sleeping on a mattress without proper support can actually void your manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on bed frames or to purchase a new frame, contact your All American Mattress associate!

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