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How To Reduce Fall Allergies

Your bed can be causing your allergies and making your symptoms worse.

Your bed can be causing your allergies and making your symptoms worse.

Fall tends to be one of the worst times of the year for allergy sufferers in the Mid-Atlantic. Late summer and early fall ragweed is the most common cause of fall allergies, as pollen grains are lightweight and spread easily on windy days. The more wet and windy fall becomes in Maryland, the worse your allergy symptoms will feel. However, you could develop allergies from the very place where you spend most of your time- your bed.


Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping, with an average of eight hours a night. For these eight hours, we breathe in all kinds of nasty particles from our mattress, which carries the most debris in our bedroom. While allergies can be caused by natural substances outside, our mattresses carry a lot of dust mites, fungal spores, and bacteria that enter our nose, mouth, skin, and eyes as we sleep. The best way to protect against these bacteria is to purchase hypoallergenic mattress covers to create a barrier between your mattress and pillows and your skin. It’s also essential to keep your bed as clean as possible, by vacuuming your mattress often and washing your sheets once a week with hot water.

The Right Mattress

If you want something more allergy friendly than mattress covers, you may want to look into purchasing a new mattress. Memory foam and latex mattresses have anti-microbial & anti-dust mite properties, allowing for a cleaner mattress and a much better night sleep for allergy sufferers. Also, mattresses made with Visco Elastic foam are hypoallergenic, and can even help with back pain.

Importance Of Sleep

Allergy symptoms can be manageable for many people, while others are almost debilitated and can’t go about their daily lives until the symptoms are under control. Getting enough sleep is crucial for the recovery process, as sleep provides healing but also exacerbates stress, which only makes your symptoms worse.

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