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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Perfect Pillow

Choosing a Perfect Pillow

The best pillow for you will depend on several factors. Use this guide to help you choose the right one!

Supporting your head and neck during sleep is extremely important. The right kind of support for you will prevent neck or back pain and promote a better night’s sleep. In fact, the earliest recorded pillows can be traced to about 7,000 B.C.E., when upper-class members of Mesopotamian society would show off their wealth with huge amounts of pillows. Pillows evolved with the Romans and Greeks, who stuffed them with straw, feathers, and other organic materials. Nowadays, there are so many types of pillows to choose from, varying in size, shape, and material. It can be difficult to choose the right pillow for your best night’s sleep. When shopping for a pillow, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you’re getting the right pillow for you.

How do you sleep?

Your sleep position is important to your posture, so it’s a major factor in what kind of head and neck support you need. Your whole body should be in alignment to prevent strains and aches during the day. For example, side sleepers should choose firm pillows that are thick, with a lot of support to keep the head in alignment with the shoulders. Back sleepers require flatter pillows with solid support to keep the neck aligned, and people who sleep on their stomach can opt out entirely, or choose a very thin and soft pillow for their best night’s sleep.

How is your mattress?

Your mattress is important to how your back is aligned, just as your pillow is important to how your head and neck are aligned. Your mattress and pillow, then, should complement one another. A firmer mattress may call for a softer pillow to promote your best alignment and vice versa.

Do you run hot or cold at night?

For sleepers who get too warm at night and kick off the covers, how your pillow holds heat is important to consider. Memory foam, for example, is dense and can make you run hotter in your sleep. A pillow with a water reservoir or a down-filled pillow may be a better option for warm sleepers.

How much do you want to spend?

Pillows come in many types of materials over a wide range of prices. Down are long-lasting, luxurious pillows, though they are at the more expensive end of the range. Synthetic down alternatives can be much cheaper, though they won’t last as long. A good middling option is the foam pillow, and even those come in a variety of foam materials.

Are you prepared for pillow care?

While it’s much easier to clean a pillow than a mattress, some require careful care. Many pillows can be cleaned in the washing machine, while some must be spot treated only. Caring for your pillow will allow it to last longer.

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