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Do I Have Excessive Sleepiness?

Learn about excessive sleepiness and if you may suffer from it.

Learn about excessive sleepiness and if you may suffer from it.

Are you tired all the time? When the feeling of exhaustion is so common that it’s your new normal, you may actually have a problem that requires treatment. Excessive sleepiness, or hypersomnia, affects many people and can interfere with productivity and overall wellbeing. Continue reading to learn more about excessive sleepiness and its symptoms.


Excessive sleepiness is also called hypersomnia and occurs when tiredness is so severe that everyday activities are affected. Hypersomnia is not a disorder in itself, but instead is a symptom that may have a variety of causes. Most symptoms include forgetfulness, lower productivity, and increased irritability. Excessive sleepiness is different than simply feeling tired when the symptoms exist no matter how much sleep a person gets, even after a full eight hours. Some people who suffer from hypersomnia even get ten to eleven hours of sleep and wake up feeling groggy and exhausted.

Long-Term Effects

It’s difficult to live with symptoms of feeling tired, lapses of judgment, and overall negative feelings on a daily basis, but hypersomnia can have long-term effects as well. Reduced sleep has been shown to affect cardiovascular problems and weight gain. Exhaustion can also be very dangerous, as your judgment becomes impaired, as well as your mind and body. For example, driving while tired is very dangerous, as many car accidents are caused when people are too tired to focus on the road.


If you constantly feel tired despite getting enough sleep, it may be time to talk to a doctor or sleep expert. A doctor or sleep expert can determine whether your symptoms are in line with hypersomnia, or if you have other problems or a sleep disorder. It’s very important to take symptoms of feeling exhausted during the day seriously, rather than brush them off as normal. Your doctor should ask you about your sleep habits, such as how many hours of sleep you get on average, if you’re going through new life changes, such as a new baby, if you recall waking up throughout the night, and how long you’ve felt symptoms of feeling exhausted. If your doctor believes you may suffer from excessive sleepiness, you can begin working on a treatment plan to start regaining energy during the day to live your life happily.

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