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Tips For Fighting The Blue Light Syndrome Before Bed

Check out these three tips for fighting the blue light syndrome before bed.

Check out these three tips for fighting the blue light syndrome before bed.

By now, we all know that the light of our smartphones and devices is damaging to our quality of sleep. The blue light affects our circadian rhythms, which schedules our body for sleeping, waking up, eating, and more. Continue reading for a few tips on how to fight this “blue light syndrome” before bed and get a better night’s rest.

No Electronics In The Bedroom

We’ve all probably heard this tip before, but it can be very difficult to implement in your daily life. If you find it too hard to do at once, start slowly by removing the TV from your room, or at least unplugging it a few hours before bed. Next, put down your phone earlier and earlier each night, until you develop a routine that doesn’t involve your phone. If you use the excuse that your smartphone is your alarm clock and you need it nearby, you can easily purchase another alarm clock instead. We know that having no electronics in the bedroom is not an easy task, but it will do wonders for your sleep quality and overall health.


It may seem strange to wear sunglasses indoors and at night, but orange sunglasses can counteract the blue light of your devices to give your eyes and brain a break. By blocking the blue light spectrum from our vision, it gives our brain and melatonin a chance to work properly to signal when it’s time to sleep. If the idea of wearing sunglasses at night is too odd, orange lamps such as Himalayan salt lamps are also effective.

Complete Darkness

Because our bodies are so sensitive to light, your bedroom should be completely dark as you try to fall asleep. That could mean purchasing blackout curtains or wearing a quality sleep mask or trying different techniques to see which works best for you. Light can be seen through eyelids, so even a small amount of light coming through your window or door can affect your sleep. That small amount of light can cause a 50 percent reduction in melatonin production, which alerts the body that it’s time to sleep, and can ultimately result in less quality sleep.

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