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Top 4 Most Common Types Of Mattresses

Learn about the top four most common types of mattresses.

Learn about the top four most common types of mattresses.

When searching for a new bed, you will come across hundreds or thousands of mattresses that have different designs and use a variety of components and materials. With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect one for you! Continue reading to learn about the four most common types of mattresses to help narrow down your choices.

Standard Innerspring 

These mattresses are the most common in the industry and are still very popular among mattress buyers. The standard innerspring mattress has a support system and either natural or synthetic fibers in the comfort layers. Beware of very cheap innerspring mattresses, as they may use low-quality materials that are less durable. Remember, a mattress is an investment, as you sleep on it every night and deserve the best rest possible!

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are very popular and are made from layers of memory foam (or gel memory foam) that range in thickness. These mattresses will also range in quality, as a low-quality mattress will not be very durable or supportive. When looking for a new memory foam mattress, be sure to take into account its the quality and density of the memory foam layers.


Latex mattresses are generally very high-quality mattresses and are among the most durable beds you can find. Latex is a resilient foam material, and you may find mattresses that are either all latex or “mostly” latex. Some brands use a blend of natural and synthetic latex, while others use one or the other. Since this mattress is very high-quality and durable, it is a more expensive material and therefore a more expensive mattress.


Polyfoam is one of the lowest-cost materials for bedding, so this mattress is a good choice for those on a tight budget. You will often find this mattress with the support core of high-density polyfoam and one or more comfort layers of softer polyfoam that can range from high density, high resilience, or high-performance material. When purchasing this type of mattresses, it’s especially important to make sure that the quality and density of the foam is durable enough for your body type and will last a long time. 

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