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3 Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Wake Up With No Back Pain

Check out these three tips to help you sleep better and wake up with no back pain.

Check out these three tips to help you sleep better and wake up with no back pain.

Do you wake up every morning with severe back pain? While you may be used to this pain and think that it is impossible to avoid, there are several steps you can take to ensure you are sleeping correctly to prevent back pain. Continue reading for three important tips to help you sleep better and wake up with no pain!

Sleeping Position

If you constantly wake up with back pain, it may be time to switch your sleeping position. How you sleep is very important, as you want to be in a position that maintains the natural curves of your spine. Sleeping on your stomach is actually the worst position for your spine, as it places it in an unnatural position and will cause neck pain and headaches. Instead, try sleeping on your side or back. Side sleepers can place a pillow between their knees, while back sleepers can put a pillow underneath their knees. The pillow will help to ensure your spine maintains its natural curves as you rest.

Medium-Firm Mattress

The right mattress makes all the difference for how well you sleep and how you feel the next morning. After lots of studies and research, it’s been shown that those who sleep on a medium-firm mattress have less back pain compared to those who have mattresses that are too firm or too soft. A medium-firm mattress is the perfect mix of comfort and support to allow you to sleep soundly and wake up without pain.

Supportive Pillows

Even if you have the most comfortable mattress, you may still wake up with back pain because of unsupportive pillows. If you find yourself waking up with neck pain or headaches despite trying the first tip, there’s a good chance that your pillow is the cause of your pain. If so, invest in a cervical pillow that is specifically designed to support the curves of your neck and keeps your neck in its natural position. The pillow is also designed for side and back sleepers and make it difficult to sleep on your stomach, so it can be helpful for those trying to avoid sleeping face down.

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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