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4 Dos and Don’ts To Help You Get Quality Sleep

Check out these dos and don’ts to help you get a more quality sleep!

Check out these dos and don’ts to help you get a more quality sleep!

If you struggle with falling asleep or sleeping through the night, it can be very frustrating and lead to difficulties in your daily life. Without quality sleep, you may have lower energy levels, low productivity, and problems with your health and overall wellbeing. While there is no quick solution for sleeping better, take these dos and don’ts into account to help yourself start to get more quality sleep.

Do: Exercise Regularly

If you struggle with falling asleep, you may see vast improvements by getting in a workout during the day. Regular exercise is, of course, important for your health, but it also promotes a better quality of sleep. As you exercise, your body releases dopamine and serotonin, which regulate your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Losing sleep has negative effects on your sleep and mental state, but exercise helps to improve your mood and fight depression. Even when you’re busy, do your best to get in a short workout to improve your sleep, as well as your physical and mental health!

Don’t: Drink Alcohol Before Bed

You may have a glass of wine with dinner every now and then, but don’t get used to using alcohol as a sleeping aid just before bed. While you may think it helps you fall asleep faster, your body is burning through the sugar from your drink quickly, and you’ll likely wake up in the middle of the night. Alcohol can also have some serious effects on our body, so try to avoid the nightcap and drink water or a calming tea for better quality sleep.

Do: Dim The Lights, Have A Routine

A bedtime is routine is very helpful for signaling to your body that it is almost time to rest. Start an hour or two before bed by dimming the lights in your home. Our bodies set the sleep-wake cycle by the amount of light, so by dimming the lights early, it signals that it is late and time to sleep. When in bed, try to keep your room as dark as possible to avoid messing with the sleep-wake cycle.

Don’t: Sleep In On The Weekends

This tip is hard to follow, as sleeping in on the weekends is something that almost everyone does. However, it is a bad habit that can really throw off your body’s circadian rhythm and makes it harder to keep a schedule when you have to wake up early on Monday. By going to bed and waking up around the same time every day, your body will get into a rhythm, and you’ll find falling asleep much easier.

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