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The Best Mattresses for Summer Guests

An empty bed

There are numerous options a perfect guest-room mattress.

It can be difficult to find the right mattress for your guest room. You need to

consider how much space you have for a bed, and how you want to use that space
when you don’t have a guest. The especially difficult task, is finding a mattress that
will be comfortable for a variety of preferences. A good general rule is to get the
absolute best bed you can get while staying within your budget. But how do you do
that? We have a couple of tips that might help point you in the right direction.

How Firm or Soft Should it Be?
Since memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses consistently score the best in
customer satisfaction, you’ll probably want to go with one of those. Like every other
type of mattress, these come in soft, medium, and firm. So, which one should you go
with? The majority of studies done on mattress preferences state that people tend to
prefer medium to medium-firm mattresses. If you’ve narrowed your choices down
to a couple, it’s probably best to go with the firmest of your options. If you have
guests coming that prefer their mattress a bit softer, all you have to do is keep a
mattress topper on hand and everyone is happy!
Multi-Purpose Guest Room
A lot of people have a guest space that shares its room with an office, den, or library.
If your guest space is one of those, you may want to look into either futon or daybed
options. Generally speaking, futons aren’t particularly comfortable but it’s actually
pretty easy to switch out a futon mattress with something a bit more comfortable.
Be sure to keep it pretty thin, or else it really won’t work on the frame.
If you’re leaning more towards a daybed option, these are typically a lot more
comfortable. Most daybeds have a trundle that you can pull out if you’re having
multiple guests, too!
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