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Can a Memory Foam Mattress Help You Lose Weight?

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses actually have weight-loss benefits.

Bathing suit season is here and many women and men are waking up in the morning

tired and less-than- happy about their bodies. Recent studies have proven the link
between weight loss and getting enough sleep, so is it true that a memory foam
mattress could help you reach your weight loss goals? Here’s what you need to
know about the type of mattress you’re sleeping on and the potential effect it’s
having on your weight.

Weight Loss and Your Mattress
The recent research study showed that poor sleeping patterns, typically as a result
of an insufficient or poorly-made mattress, can lead to weight gain. Typically, you
should be losing calories when you are sleeping, not gaining them. However, the
discomfort that people experience while they sleep can prevent them from getting
enough sleep and burning calories overnight.
How Do You Know You Aren’t Getting the Right Type of Sleep?
There are many small signs that indicate you might not be getting enough sleep (and
that it might be having an effect on your weight loss goals), including:
  •  You wake up tired every morning
  •  You feel exhausted throughout the day
  •  You are run down
  •  You get sick frequently and don’t have a very strong immune system
  •  You wake up frequently over the course of the night
  •  You toss and turn while you sleep
  •  Your back or body is achy every morning when you wake up and you didn’t exercise or do any strenuous activities the day before
How Can Your Mattress Make a Difference?
A memory foam mattress can make a difference by initially increasing the comfort
that you feel when you finally turn off the light and put away your phone at night.
You will lower your stress levels as a result of your quality sleep and also be less
likely to overindulge or emotionally eat during the day. Memory foam mattresses
help to raise the quality of the sleep that you are getting, even if you aren’t able to
increase the actual quantity of sleep you have. All of these factors can combine for a
result that reflects on the scale.
Sleep in Comfort with All American Mattress
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