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How Have Mattresses Evolved?


Over time, mattresses have changed quite a bit. How does the average modern mattress differ from older ones?

Have you ever thought of how different the mattresses of today are from the ones of the past? Even beds from twenty years ago are much different from those you’d find in stores now. As with almost every industry, modern technology has allowed for incredible advancements. I’m sure most of us are happy to lay down at night knowing that their mattress is as comfortable as possible. 

Early Mattresses 

While we don’t want to go too far back in history, it is essential to note some of the ways mattresses have evolved. One of the many early forms of mattress included a large cover that was stuffed with material like straw or down depending on your wealth. These were often laid across a rope base that was strung along a bed frame that would have to be tightened over time. While the straw mattress is a thing of the past, down and down, alternatives are still used for mattress toppers to this day. 

The Introduction of Memory Foam 

After the introduction of the innerspring mattress, the biggest new mattress innovation came in the form of memory foam. Today most mattresses make use of memory form in some way- often along with innerspring coils. Memory foam was first brought to mattresses in 1991, but it took a while to catch on. Before then, manufacturers used layers of cotton that got lumpy and bunched over time. This downside is what caused the need to beat out the lumps and the flipping of beds. In the ’80s through the ’90s, most mattresses were much thinner and less durable. 

What To Expect From A Modern Mattress 

Depending on your needs and budget, there are many different options available. In general, most mattresses today use a blend of memory foam, springs, and other technology to create a responsive base that will hold up over significant use. You may also find that there are cooling and temperature regulating designs and even options that reduce motion transfer. One of the next frontiers in mattress design is to find ways to blend all of these features while using more sustainable, eco-friendly materials. 

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