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A Guide To Buying New Bed Pillows

Choosing a pillow

Check out our helpful guide for buying new pillows.

Getting a good night’s rest is not only dependent on a comfortable mattress, as your pillows will have a major effect on how well you sleep. You may not know it, but your pillow could be the cause of your back and neck pain that you wake up with every morning. Overtimes, the wear-and-tear from unsupportive pillows can cause muscle stiffness, nerve pain, tendonitis, and more. Continue reading for a guide to buying new bed pillows to get the support and comfort you need! 

Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Pillow

The first step to buying new pillows is to recognize when it’s time to replace your trusty old pillow. We often get attached to our pillow, but it’s important to remember that they don’t last forever! Keep an eye out for lumps and sagging, as this is a sign that your pillow may be worn out. If you have a traditional fiber pillow, put it to the test by folding it in half and placing a book on top of it. If it springs back into shape, it’s still good- but if it stays folded, it’s time for a replacement.

Different Materials

Next, you must know the materials in order to decide which pillow will work best for you. Down pillows are often the fluffiest, but a combination of down and feather is a less expensive option. A pillow made of synthetic fill or down alternative is another cheaper option while still feeling comfortable and supportive. Memory foam pillows are thicker and firmer, so they are a good choice if you don’t like a very soft pillow. 

Consider How You Sleep

The material of your pillow can determine how supportive it is for your neck and head, but its thickness is also an important factor to consider. In general, side sleepers should look for a thicker pillow, stomach sleepers need a thinner pillow, and back sleepers need a pillow that falls somewhere in between. For side sleepers, it’s important that your neck and head get plenty of support. However, when sleeping on your stomach, you don’t want your neck to be too raised. A good rule of thumb is to keep your neck aligned with your spine in a neutral position. 

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