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Is an Innerspring or Memory Foam Mattress Best for You?

A hand pressing down on a memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress may or may not be the best mattress option for your needs.

While memory foam mattresses have many devoted fans, sometimes the memory foam mattress isn’t the right choice for someone. Depending on your sleeping habits, any health concerns, and even your budget, the right mattress for you could be memory foam, or it could be the standard innerspring mattress. We break down the pros and cons of each mattress type below to help you understand the crucial differences and to help you on your next mattress shopping trip. 

The Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with spring or support foam and uses your body heat to soften and mold to your shape. 


  • The back support offered from a memory foam mattress is far superior to the support provided by an innerspring mattress. 
  • Memory foam provides excellent pressure relief, so sleepers toss and turn about 80% less on average each night. This feature also helps improve circulation. 
  • The density of the memory foam helps the bad last about twice as long as an innerspring. This means fewer body impressions or sags developing, and no creaking either. 
  • No dust mites, mildew, or mold are associated with memory foam mattresses.
  • If you share your bed with someone, their movements do not affect your side of the bed and will not wake you up. 


  • The “sinking” feeling is unsettling to some sleepers
  • Unless you opt for a gel version, the memory foam mattress can get a bit warm when you sleep. 
  • They can sometimes be challenging to move around on.
  • Memory foam mattresses are often more expensive than innerspring mattresses. 
  • Cheaper memory foam mattresses are often much worse in quality.

The Innerspring Mattress


  • Because of the popularity of innerspring mattresses, there exists a huge variety of manufacturers, styles, feels, and price ranges. This makes it a lot easier to find the mattress just right for you. 
  • The innerspring contains some bounce, which makes the mattress easier to move around on. 
  • You can find comfortable innerspring models for a relatively low price. 
  • Different manufacturers make different coil systems designed for back support, weight, etc. so you can find a mattress that suits your specific health needs. 
  • Innerspring has better edge support, which is suitable for someone who often sits on their bed.


  • Sleeping on metal creates pressure points, which means that your body will need to move around eventually. 
  • Innersprings are more likely to sag or creak. 
  • Innerspring mattresses lose their comfort level over time as their usage increases. 
  • The vast array of manufacturers and systems available may be utterly overwhelming and confusing! 

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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