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How To Pick the Best Mattress For Your Child

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Investing in a mattress that promotes comfort and allows for room to grow is vital

It can be very easy to use hand-me-downs and used furniture when providing for your children at a young age. After all, they’re not old enough yet to vocalize what they want specifically or demand higher quality gear, so what’s the harm in using their older cousin’s twin bed and throwing a foam covering on top of it? Sometimes, especially as a child grows, a bigger initial investment can save years of problems, and even support healthier, happier children who develop normal sleeping patterns early in life. There are a few factors to consider when dishing out money for a mattress. Namely, they are the size and comfort level, a multi-tiered discussion.

And One to Grow On!

A twin bed or twin XL could be a viable option for a four-year old, but before you know it that four-year old is eight, and then twelve! Investing in a mattress that will give your child room to grow. It may seem a little bit silly at first, but selecting a full mattress that can last a decade and provide your child the comfort and familiarity of sleeping in a bed they know and love, while also supporting night-time stories and sleepovers, will benefit them greatly. With so much changing so quickly during a child’s life, it can be stabilizing to know they won’t have to give up their mattress because it’s big and sturdy enough to stay with them through adolescence.

Kids Need More and Better Sleep than Grown Ups

It’s long been known that the sleep is a child gets during its formative years is crucial, not just in considering the length of each rest, but the quality of it. Sleeping on a mattress that’s been outgrown, or is lumpy from decades of use, is counterproductive to the purpose of rejuvenating sleep. It’s very important to make sure that your child’s mattress is providing them with the proper spinal and lumbar support they need, especially at a time when they may not be able to specify what is causing them to feel unrested or cranky. When they do reach an age where they have the verbal skills to explain a bad night’s sleep, let them help pick their own mattress! They’ll know what they prefer, when it comes to sleeping positions and firmness or softness preference. For example, for those who prefer sleeping on their sides, a firm mattress is not ideal. Conversely, a soft mattress wouldn’t benefit a stomach sleeper as it contorts the back in uncomfortable ways.

Invest In The Night Time Comfort Of Your Child!

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