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The Best Mattress For Every Age Group

Learn about the best mattresses for every age group.

Learn about the best mattresses for every age group.

As we get older our sleeping patterns change, and our mattress should reflect these changes. The best mattress for your kids will likely be very different than the mattress you need as a busy parent. Continue reading for a guide to the best mattresses for every age group.

Young Kids

Infants require a very firm sleeping surface to ensure safety, but toddlers can sleep well on mattresses that are medium-firm. Parents should also look for mattresses that are easy to clean, and a waterproof cover is very helpful.

For young kids, parents also often look for beds that are safe and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Mattresses today are advertised as “low VOC” or “nontoxic” are ideal for kids, as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can cause potential health effects.


Mattresses for teens and young adults in their 20s will differ, as it is important to consider sleep styles. For those who sleep on their stomach, firmer mattresses are the most comfortable as they prevent uncomfortable curvature of the spine. Side sleepers may prefer slightly softer mattresses that still provide support for their hips, but relieve pressure on their shoulders. Memory foam mattresses are usually a safe choice since they conform to each sleeper’s body.

30s and 40s

Since many men and women in their 30s and 40s have children, they may benefit from a mattress that minimizes motion transfer. These mattresses are great if you have small kids climbing into your bed, as you won’t wake up every time someone rolls over. These mattresses are often memory foam, and motion in one spot of the bed stays isolated from other parts of the bed.


As for seniors, it is important to find a mattress that doesn’t cause harm to the body, but instead provides pressure relief on joints. A mattress that is too soft can be difficult to get out of, while mattresses that are too firm may cause pain will sleeping. Many seniors have difficulty sleeping, so it is important to take the time to find the best mattress that provides a quality night sleep.

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