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Best Nighttime Snacks To Help You Sleep Better

Check out these four nighttime snacks that will help you sleep better.

Check out these four nighttime snacks that will help you sleep better.

When you get hungry before bed, do you think about how your snack will affect your sleep? When you are looking for a midnight snack or are having trouble falling asleep, try these snacks to help promote a longer, deeper night’s rest.


Since walnuts contain melatonin, they make the perfect nighttime snack. Your body will increase the amount of melatonin later in the evening, but some people have low levels that make it difficult to fall asleep. Eat a handful of walnuts before bed, and you will see the difference in your sleep cycle.


Cherries also boost melatonin and are rich in carbohydrates. Researchers have found that carbs help to reset your body’s 24-hour clock, which can help to improve your quality of sleep. In addition to cherries, cherry juice also makes a great snack before bedtime.

Bowl of Cereal

When eating a bowl of cereal before bed, make sure you choose one that is low in sugar and made with whole-grain. The complex carbohydrates in cereal fill your stomach while resetting your sleep patterns, helping you sleep through the night. Warm milk is also a sleep-inducing drink, and the combination is sure to lure you right to sleep.

Chamomile Tea

For those who aren’t necessarily hungry in the evening, a cup of green tea works wonders. Any type of hot liquid relaxes the body and mind, and chamomile has been used as a sleep aid for many years. It is thought that chamomile has anti-anxiety effects, so if you are having trouble sleeping due to stress, a cup of tea before bed is just what you need. Some teas contain caffeine, so double-check that you are only drinking caffeine-free tea before bed!

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