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The Quickest Way To Put On A Duvet Cover

Check out these steps for the quickest way to put on a duvet cover.

Check out these steps for the quickest way to put on a duvet cover.

Putting a cover on your duvet is typically not an easy process, and can quickly become very confusing and frustrating. However, with a few helpful tips, you’ll never struggle with your duvet ever again! Continue reading to learn the steps for the quickest and easiest way to put on your duvet cover.

Clear Away Pillows

The first step is to clear off the bed to ensure you have a flat surface to work on. Remove all of your pillows from the bed to make the process as easy as possible.

Duvet Cover Inside Out

Next, you want to turn the duvet cover inside out. The cover is like a pillowcase- it should be inside out so you can see the seams.

Foot Of The Bed

Make sure the empty duvet cover is flat on the mattress with the opening at the foot of the bed. Take the time to line it up evenly, so the corners hang just over the corners of the mattress. Next, put the duvet insert flat across the duvet cover, with the corners lined up as best as possible. Look for duvet tabs at the corners of your insert and comforter, then for corner straps on your duvets. The corner straps can be tied onto the tabs.

Roll The Duvet Cover

Start at the top of your bed, and roll the duvet corner and insert down to the foot of the bed. This works best if you have someone else helping you to roll the cover and insert into a burrito-shaped roll. It doesn’t have to be very tight, but it’s crucial that the corners of the cover and insert stay aligned.

Wrap The Corners

Now for the most complicated step- at each end of the roll, wrap the corners of the duvet cover over the roll. Reach into the duvet cover opening, then flip the corner right-side-out. Then you will tuck the end of the rolled duvet cover and insert into these corners. Next, wrap the center of the duvet cover over the insert. This depends on the size of your duvet, as it may happen without you putting in much effort. Your goal is to make sure the center of the roll now shows the outside of the duvet cover.

Unroll The Duvet Cover

The next step is to roll out the duvet carefully, and you will see that the duvet insert is inside the cover. Make sure that the insert is evenly distributed through the cover, then button or zip up the cover to finish!

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