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When Is It Time for a Child to Get an Adult Mattress?

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It can be a tough decision when your child should upgrade to an adult-sized mattress.

When it comes to parenting it constantly seems like your child is growing so quickly before your eyes. A lot of parents may wonder when the right time is to transition your children from a crib to a toddler bed. The typical child may make the move between ages two to three and a half but it all depends on determining if your child is ready. Parental instincts play a big part in determining the right time. Today we are going to talk about some considerations for transitioning to a toddler bed to help you determine if that is the right step for your family.

Is There a Baby On the Way?
A big factor to switching a child from a crib may come from family planning. If there is a new
sibling coming it may be important to try and begin the transition during pregnancy to a toddler
bed. Having a sibling come into the world can be a confusing time for your child and having a
big kid bed will help them feel special during your family’s transition.
Safety Is the Top Concern
Most toddlers can climb over their crib rail which is why most children end up switching to
toddler beds. If your toddler is consistently climbing and trying new things and can climb out of
the crib, it may be time to move to a toddler bed for their safety.
Count the Cost
The cost of a mattress is one thing but there are other costs that go into setting up a new toddler
bed. Make sure to have money allocated to a mattress protector, bedding for a twin size
mattress, and a railing.
Ease Into the Transition
If you decide it is the right time to move your little one to a toddler bed, the choice of which bed
can also be tough. Most people recommend choosing a bed close to the ground with a
removable guard rail to help your child from rolling out of bed.
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