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Why Every Mattress Can Benefit from a Mattress Protector

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A mattress protector can help keep your mattress feeling new for years to come.

A mattress protector can be an extremely valuable mattress accessory, but a lot of people may not know this. Mattress protectors are often seen as just something that kids use when they wet the bed; on the contrary, a mattress protector gets its name because it protects your mattress from a variety of elements. If you care about preserving the mattress you spent a lot of money on and spent a lot of time shopping for, you should consider using a mattress protector. The following four benefits are the primary reasons mattress protectors are one of the best mattress accessories you can purchase. 

Mattress Protectors Keep Your Mattress Clean

Everybody sweats a little bit at night, and we all produce oil from our skin. Some people sleep with makeup residue, and every person is shedding skin cells all the time. A variety of fluids and dirt from any human body can soak through your sheets and into the mattress. Once a little bit of moisture gets into your mattress, it becomes nearly impossible to get it out. A mattress protector protects any of these things from getting into your mattress. Instead, the protector gets dirty and can simply be pulled off and washed in a machine. 

A Mattress Protector Keeps Your Mattress “Like New”

Any sweat or moisture that interacts with your mattress will wear down the foam in the mattress, shortening its comfort life. Without a mattress protector, you will need to replace your mattress sooner, which will mean more money and time spent. 

A Protector Can Prevent Dust Mite Allergic Reactions

Dust mite allergies are quite common and can lead to sneezing, a runny nose, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This is not ideal for sleeping, and as dust mites eat dead skin cells, they are attracted to the dead skin cells in a mattress that isn’t protected. If you use a mattress protector, you simply wash your protector if your allergies are acting up. If you let the dust mites get into your mattress, they will be near-impossible to remove. 

Mattress Protectors Can Protect Your Warranty

Any stain on your mattress will void your warranty agreement. Using a mattress protector is a simple way to protect your brand new mattress from stains, and from voiding an otherwise useful warranty on your new purchase. 

Essentially, having a mattress without a mattress protector is like having a smartphone without a case. The cleanliness of your mattress, and the quality of your sleep, will both stay excellent for years to come. 

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