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What Are The Best Kind Of Sheets For Summer?

Learn about the best kind of sheets for summer.

Learn about the best kind of sheets for summer.

We are now in the height of summer, and you may find that your current sheets are just not cool enough for the warm July nights. The right sheets will improve your sleep by creating a more comfortable and calm environment! Continue reading to learn about the best type of sheets you need to be using this summer to beat the heat.

Moisture Wicking

Just like activewear helps you to stay fresh during a sweaty working, sheets made from the same materials will keep you cool during summer nights. These sheets are designed to wick moisture away from your skin to create a comfortable sleep environment. Silky, breathable fabrics are best for transferring warmth better than traditional sheets.


Be sure to pay attention to the thread count of your sheets! While you may think that higher thread count is always better, it actually means that the sheets are denser and heavier. On the other hand, the lowest thread count sheets can feel rough of your skin. Instead, look for 400-thread-count sheets (or close to it) in a breathable cotton blend. These sheets are good for every season and provide a cooling sensation in the summer.


Some natural-fiber sheets, such as those made from bamboo or linin, help to regulate your body temperature even when your bedroom is warm. The quality natural sheets are not only great for staying cool, but many manufacturers use organic, non-genetically modified products and are eco-friendly!

Cooling Colors

When searching for a new set of sheets, it’s important to also think about the color. While most people choose a neutral color that matches their comforter and bedroom, think about how the color makes you feel. For instance, crisp white or icy-blue sheets provide a sense of coolness and calmness, while red and orange sheets give off a sense of warmth. Also, if you have sensitive skin, be sure to avoid chemical dyes, as they can trigger a heat-rash allergy or heat reaction. Instead, stick to naturally dyed sheets that will reduce sensitivity and bring down your body temperature.

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