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15 Types of Pillows And Their Unique Benefits: Part Two

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Find the perfect pillow for your needs and experience a great night’s sleep.

In addition to choosing a perfect mattress, you also need to find the perfect pillow to ensure a great night’s sleep. You may think that pillows are an easy purchase, but they now come in countless varieties of materials and shapes. This variety means that you can find one that feels tailor-made for you. Last week we informed you of seven different varieties of pillows available. Read on to discover eight more types of pillows available and what benefits each type of pillow can offer. 


These pillows are made from the feathers that lay on top of the bird, which makes it different from down. Feather pillows are larger and more structured than down, which means the pillows will retain their shape longer while remaining fluffy. Unlike down, this pillow easily flattens, and so it will need a lot of fluffing. You also need to be careful that the quills do not poke out of the pillow. 


This new trend in pillows is filled with buckwheat hulls, the hard outer shell of the buckwheat seed. These are all-natural, breathable, hypoallergenic, and conform to the neck and spine, which helps with spine alignment. These pillows are not for everyone as they are heavier than most pillows, and the hulls make noise when moved. 

Kapok Fiber

These fibers are the seed pod fluff of the rainforest Ceiba tree and are popular as a natural pillow filling option and as a hypoallergenic alternative to down. These pillows are often expensive, however, as they require a lot of labor to harvest. They are also highly flammable. 


Yes, water mattresses exist, and so do water pillows. This pillow is another which will conform to your head and neck and is hypoallergenic. This one requires no fluffing. However, if it springs a leak, you could be facing severe mattress damages from the water. 


These pillows are filled with gel to help keep the pillow cool, consistent in shape and texture, and firm. The gel allows the pillow to be molded to your shape and prevents it from flattening out. Often, you can find memory foam pillows containing a layer of gel. These give you the cooling features of gel with the significant molding features of the foam. The density of this pillow may not be for you, but if you’re looking for something firmer, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for, it may be the one. 


These pillows consist of many tiny polystyrene beads and are often best for travel pillows. These pillows feel “squishy” rather than fluffy or firm like other pillows. These pillows are very supportive and moldable without limiting breathability. The drawbacks are that the pillows are not very eco-friendly, as the beads are slow to biodegrade, and the pillow can create a huge mess if a tear develops and lets out the microbeads. 


Usually, “cotton” pillows will be filled with something else and covered in cotton fabric. However, a cotton-filled pillow has a few benefits. They are naturally absorbent and hypoallergenic and are firmer than down pillows. You do need to clean the pillow regularly. You will also have to replace it once it gets flat or lumpy, which will be sooner than other pillows.


Stuffing a pillow with wool helps regulate body temperature. It also begins as very fluffy but will compress over time. However, this should not change its supportive benefits. The wool filling is also eco-friendly, as sheep’s wool is a renewable resource. The wool is also antimicrobial and antibacterial. The drawback to wool pillows is its ability to absorb odors and its sensitivity, which means it should be dry-cleaned only. 

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