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Is Working Out at Night Good or Bad for Sleep?

The new year has started, and getting in shape is probably one of your resolutions. A common problem with working out is finding time during the day to do it. Most people find the best time to work out when they wake up, get off work, or before they go to bed. Working out before bed can have positive and negative effects on the quality of your sleep. Find out whether it is a good idea to work out before you hit the sack. 

Working out before bed can have some effects on your sleep

Working out before bed can have some effects on your sleep

Possible Negative Effects

Working out is a necessity for healthy living but it has a possibility of disturbing the quality of your sleep. Exercising gets your juices flowing. Those “juices” are typically called adrenaline that indicates that your heart rate is up. It takes some excitement and mental brain power to get through an intense workout and getting your heart rate and brain back down to a relaxed state takes some time. This can elongate the process of you getting to bed. It also has a possibility of causing you to wake up early and experience insomnia because of the workout adrenaline.

Possible Positive Effects

For some people working out may help them sleep. For good hygiene, it is important to shower after working out. It is recommended to take a cold shower about an hour before falling asleep to not disturb your slumber. It is said that a cold shower speeds up muscle soreness and recovery. Muscular function and strength are said to heighten during evening hours. Some studies have found that people who did weight training late in the evening had the better quality of sleep than people who worked out in the morning.

Tips to Cool Down After a Workout

Deep breathing is a good way to cool down and slow your heart rate. Try to meditate and stretch after working out. Take your time while doing this. Also, doing yoga is a peaceful type of workout that doesn’t require running or much intense movement. Turn on some smooth music to stimulate your mind for resting.

Try working out before bed this year and see if it works for you. Most of all it is important to have a comfortable mattress to lay on to help you experience the best sleep. Stay fit and enjoy your sleep on a new mattress from All American Mattress.

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