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How the Winter Season Affects your Sleep

As the season changes your sleeping patterns change too. There are some adjustments you should take to have as much sleep and energy as you did during the long sunny days of the spring and summer seasons. Read on to see how the winter season affects your sleep. Read on to see how the winter season affects your sleep. 

This family is adjusting to

Adjusting to the winter weather can be difficult

Shorter Days

Sunlight is an indicator of awareness and signals  people to start the day. The sun going down around 5 pm can make anyone sleepy. Darkness sends signals to the body that it is time to sleep at night. Early darkness makes people sleepy earlier than usual during the day.

Cold Air

Be careful with your home temperature setting because it can influence your sleeping pattern. Cold weather forces you to adjust the heating in your home. Warm air is known to make the human body prone to sleep more than cold air. Having the heat on high is not always beneficial for sleeping. Try to put your thermostat to a temperature between 68 and 72 degrees during the winter for a perfect heating temperature.

Holiday Eating

Winter season is full of holidays in close date proximity. In a short time frame people are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year. Each holiday has traditional food choices that are very fulfilling. Sleeping after a heavy meal is rather normal. Holiday desserts and meats can affect your health and possibly change your sleeping pattern.

Ways to Help your Winter Sleep Pattern

Diet and exercise will help you throughout these long periods of cold darkness in the winter. Make good food choices during the holidays to help your metabolism. Exercising is always beneficial to your metabolism. You will be all ready for bed after you eat right and exercise well. Stay cozy this winter in a new mattress from All American Mattress.

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