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3 Easy Steps for Breaking In Your New Mattress

break in a new mattress

The best way to break in a new mattress is to use it, and be patient.

If you recently purchased a new mattress, whether through in-store or online shopping, you are likely excited to enjoy your cozy new bed. However, when you first sleep on your new mattress, it may feel different than you remembered or expected. Don’t panic; this feeling is perfectly normal. The truth is that new beds require time to “break-in” and adapt to your body. Once the mattress is broken in, it will feel as natural and as comfortable as possible. If you want to do what you can to speed up this breaking-in period, read on for three simple steps to help you do just that. 

How Long it Takes to Break in Your Mattress

Most mattresses will take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to fully break-in. New mattresses will feel different than your old, worn mattress and can often be stiff because of their new materials. Additionally, if you were not getting the proper support your body needed, a new mattress may feel strange as it supports you. 

Let Your Mattress Breathe 

You may want to dress up your new mattress in your favorite sheets as soon as you get it. However, it’s best to let your mattress breathe for a few hours before placing sheets on it. This enables the mattress materials to enjoy some oxygen flow and allows for a better night’s sleep. 

Apply Pressure

If you’re concerned with your mattress firmness, you may want to add a little pressure. To break in your mattress sooner, you can try gently walking around on it or using your hands and feet to put pressure on it. This pressure helps loosen up the materials and makes it easier for the new mattress to conform to your body.

Give Your Mattress Time

It’s ultimately important to remember that your new mattress needs time to adjust to your body, and this can’t happen overnight. You can help your mattress adjust by sleeping on your new bed every night during the first 90 days to ensure that your new mattress can loosen up and stretch. If you get impatient, remember that the wait is worth it, and you will soon have a mattress perfectly suited to your body and comfort. 

If you make it through the break-in period and still aren’t satisfied with your mattress, most mattress manufacturers offer a sleep trial period. This is specifically to help people return mattresses that do not live up to expectations after a month or two. However, many sleepers find that taking the time to break in their new mattress is time well spent. 

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