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How Innerspring and Memory Foam Mattresses Are Made

innerspring and memory foam mattresses

Learn what makes innerspring and memory foam mattresses unique in their construction.

Understanding how your mattress is made is essential for making the right choice and knowing what works best for your comfort. The two most common types of mattresses on the market today are innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Innerspring has been around much longer than memory foam and consists of steel coils. Memory foam is made from polyurethane or latex foam and is relatively denser and more expensive. While innerspring mattresses have older technology than memory foam mattresses, both of these mattress styles come in various styles from various brands that can offer you precisely what you need. Read on to learn more about what makes these mattresses unique and which might be better for your sleep. 

What’s Inside an Innerspring Mattress

The coils inside of an innerspring mattress determine how much support the mattress will provide. Manufacturers can use different types of coil shapes and structures and different variations of spacing and patterns to affect the sleepers’ comfort. 

The next layer above the coils is the top padding and is usually made from polyurethane foam. The outer layer, or ticking, is bound to the top padding with stitching. The way the ticking and top padding are attached affects the overall mattress feel. Large, wide patterns create a cushioned feel, while smaller patterns create a tighter and firmer feel. 

Generally, the more innerspring coils a mattress contains, the more comfortable it will be. However, if the coil number exceeds 390, you are not likely to notice the difference. 

What’s Inside a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are especially attractive to people with chronic pain conditions. When you lie on the dense foam, your body heat softens the material and allows it to mold to your body for complete support. 

Memory foam can be advantageous for partners because, in a large bed, memory foam won’t shift much at all when one person moves. If you sleep on an innerspring mattress and are often disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning, it may be best to invest in a memory foam mattress. 

However, a memory foam mattress can absorb a lot of heat and make you feel hotter while you sleep. If you are prone to sleep hot, a memory foam mattress may make you uncomfortable. 

When comparing innerspring and memory foam mattresses, it’s important to remember what they are made of. These materials will affect your comfort, body temperature, and sleep health. If one of these mattresses sounds appealing to you, visit All American Mattress today to discover which style of innerspring or memory foam is your dream mattress

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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