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How to Tell Whether You Need a Soft or Firm Mattress

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Finding the right soft or firm mattress for your sleeping habits is key for great sleep.

Mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels and sizes to suit your specific sleep needs. Finding the right mattress can make all the difference for your physical health and sleep quality. There are many factors to determine when searching for your new mattress, and one of the first you should consider is whether you need a soft mattress, a firm mattress, or something in-between. Although you may think that you already know the answer to this, the answer may surprise you! Read on to learn just who can benefit from soft and firm mattresses and which one might be the best for you. 

The Difference Between Mattress Comfort and Support

Every mattress has comfort layers and support layers, with the support layers designed to keep your body in an optimum sleep position that provides spinal alignment. Comfort layers are added to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface. A firm mattress often has fewer or thinner layers for comfort, while soft and plush mattresses have multiple thick layers of foam. 

Not all soft or firm mattresses feel the same, and each mattress can be calibrated to provide you with your best support. One of the most significant factors influencing your mattress choice is your sleeping position. In general, side sleepers enjoy a soft mattress, back sleepers enjoy medium firmness, and a stomach sleeper can prefer a firm mattress. 

The Importance of Spinal Alignment

When our spine is in its natural alignment, the neck, middle back, and lower back are aligned. This helps you breathe more easily, increasing circulation and relieving joint pains. Poor alignment prevents your body from relaxing, which means you sleep poorly and wake up in discomfort. Selecting the right mattress firmness helps you avoid that discomfort. 

The Advantages of Firm Mattresses

When your body needs to relax during sleep, it requires some resistance. With firm mattresses, your bones are made to support your body rather than relying on your muscles. This lets your muscles relax, and your circulation improves. With a firm mattress, your lower back is unable to sink and collapse into the mattress, which also helps prevent back pain. 

The Advantages of Soft Mattresses

While a firm mattress provides you with valuable resistance and support, a soft mattress will provide you with an extra cushion that helps you sleep well. A soft mattress can best support back and side sleepers, as they conform to the spine and provide you with enough cushion and support. 

Whatever mattress you select, you should consider your sleep comfort needs and choose the best one for your preferred sleep position. You can even take advantage of sleep trials to see which mattress supports and comforts your body best. 

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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