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5 Fascinating Mattress Facts Everyone Should Know

Mattress shopping tips

Learn about five fascinating mattress facts!

Humans spend about ⅓ of their lives asleep on their bed, so it’s obvious that our mattress has a huge effect on our health and overall well-being! With so much time spent asleep, you should look at the purchase of a new mattress as an investment in your health and happiness. Continue reading to learn about five fascinating mattress facts that prove why it’s so essential to purchase a new one every 7-10 years!

Double The Weight

Mattresses can actually double in weight over a period of 10 years. The weight is added from an abundance of dust mite debris and skin cells. If your mattress is ten years old or older, it’s time to replace it with a light, new one!

Billions Of Dust Mites

Speaking of dust mites, do you have a guess of how much you will find in an average mattress? You may be surprised to find that the number is six billion!

Mattress Protectors Are Important

Do you sleep with a mattress protector? If not, you are harboring dust, dead skin cells, and mites in your bed. A mattress protector and the act of regularly vacuuming your mattress is crucial for your health, as it decreases the number of irritants that contribute to asthma and allergies.

Back Pain

Back pain is very common for adults as they age, but a new mattress may help your pain more than you think. In fact, old and low-quality mattresses are one of the largest causes of lower back pain, so purchasing a new one may help to reduce your pain significantly!

Clean Sheets

How often are you cleaning your sheets? Experts recommend that you should wash your sheets once a week, but some people admit to washing theirs once every few months. While it can be a hassle, regularly washing your sheets is very important for creating a healthy sleep environment.

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