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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Nap

Learn how to get the most out your daytime nap.

Learn how to get the most out your daytime nap.

When you’re feeling tired but there are many more hours in the day, a nap is often the best solution. While some people rely on coffee or an energy drink to get them through the tiredness, a short nap has more power than the caffeine you can drink in 20 minutes. Continue reading to learn how to get the most out of a nap to have a productive day!

Nap Times

The length of your nap will have an effect on your energy and brain function, and a 20 minutes nap will give you different results than an hour long nap. If you only have time for a short 20-minute nap, take it! Although it seems short, a quick rest is good for alertness and motor skills and can make a big difference in your day. If you have a little longer, a 30 to 60-minutes nap helps with decision-making skills. Lastly, a long 60 to 90 minutes nap should only be when you are very sleep deprived and can help make new connections in the brain and solve creative problems. However, don’t sleep more than 40 minutes if you need a quick burst of energy, as you may wake up from a long nap feeling more drowsy than you did before you fell asleep.

Tricks To Fall Asleep Quick

If you only have a 30 minute-window to take a nap, you don’t want to spend 15 minutes trying to fall asleep! The key to taking naps is to be as consistent as possible, as your body will learn to be ready for a nap around the same time each day. Also, it’s crucial to put on your alarm (and don’t press snooze) to avoid oversleeping.

To help yourself fall asleep, create an environment that is soothing, dark, and warm. Relaxation music or a meditation app is great for helping your mind relax and sink into a deep sleep quickly. Also, it’s important for the room to be dark, so pull down the shades or wear an eye mask if it is very bright out. Lastly, cozy up with some blankets to get warm, as your body temperature drops when you sleep.

When Is The Best Time To Sleep

The time that you nap is very important to how it will affect your day. Experts say that a mid-day nap from 1-3pm is ideal, and can help you remain productive and focused for the remaining of the day. If you try to sleep when you get home from work at 4-6pm, you will throw off your nighttime sleep schedule and actually sleep worse.

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