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All About Innerspring Mattresses

innerspring mattresses

Some hybrid mattresses include layers of wrapped coils, which make up innerspring mattresses.

Although memory foam may seem to be a part of every new mattress, innerspring mattresses remain a viable and attractive option. Many mattress shoppers may have misconceptions about the classic innerspring, considering it a less comfortable option than memory foam. This is incorrect, however, as innerspring mattresses can be a perfectly comfortable option for many sleepers. The key to selecting the best innerspring mattress is understanding the construction, terminology, and benefits of an innerspring bed. 

Innerspring Terminology

When shopping for a new innerspring mattress, there are a few terms you will see often. These terms include the following: 

  • Coil count: the number of physical coils inside the mattress. As the coil count changes, so do the support, motion isolation, and more of the mattress. 
  • Coil gauge: the thickness of the coil wire. The higher the coil gauge number, the thicker the wire and firmer the mattress. 
  • Multi-zoned: when different mattress sections offer different support levels, either through coil count or coil gauge. 

Types of Coiled Springs

Innerspring mattresses today will include one of the three most popular types of coils. These coils are: 

  • Wired coils: this interlocked coil system is what comes to mind when you think of “traditional” innerspring beds. Wired coil systems have a smaller coil count, and the interlocking feature is great for sleepers who want a consistent feel and support. 
  • Wrapped coils: These systems consist of several coils individually wrapped in fabric. These systems often have a higher coil count and are great for sleepers who want a flexible surface that adapts to the body. These coils also promote motion isolation.
  • Micro-coils: Micro-coils seem like a smaller version of the wrapped coil. These coils are built for maximum comfort and are often placed close to the mattress’s surface to provide adaptable comfort. 

The Benefits of Innerspring Mattresses

There are many ways an innerspring mattress can improve your sleep. If you desire the following advantages, these mattresses may be best for you: 

  • Adaptability: Innerspring coils provide a flexible surface that adapts easily to any sleeper’s body. 
  • Motion Isolation: This feature helps ensure that one sleeper isn’t disturbed by the movement of another. Some coils are specifically made to increase motion isolation. 
  • Breathability: the design of innersprings allows for comfortable breathability. The spaces between springs help encourage airflow, which is great for hot sleepers. 
  • Support and Durability: Springs exert tension to combat sinking into the mattress. They also bounce back to their original shape when left alone. This helps prevent the creation of deep depressions in mattresses. 

Now that you understand innerspring mattresses a bit more, you’re ready to find the best new bed for your sleep needs. 

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