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How to Find the Best Mattress for Your Back Pain

all american mattress find mattress for your back pain

Consider the following as you find the best mattress for your back pain.

Typically, every person spends about one-third of their life in bed. This makes the mattress you choose a crucial factor in the quality and comfort of your life. Finding a mattress that keeps you comfortable and supported can be even more challenging if you suffer from back pain. While a mattress cannot cure your back pain, the right one can make it easier to get a full night’s sleep without being interrupted by discomfort. The factors you should consider when finding your mattress depends on each person, and each mattress type comes with different benefits. Read on to learn what you should consider when finding the best mattress for your back pain. 

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses consist of layers on top of a coil base. This can be a great mattress for your back pain because they allow for contouring to the body along with support. Depending on what the mattresses are topped with, they have a decent bounce factor and are easy to move around on. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have a significant amount of give for the body and allow for close contouring in many spots. As long as the memory foam mattress is not too soft, they are typically good options for those with back pain, particularly lower back pain. These mattresses can also be suitable for those with hip and neck pain. 


Innerspring mattresses are made up of a coil base and have a thinner comfort layer than what is found in hybrid mattresses. These mattresses can be quite supportive and provide significant back pain relief. 

Latex Mattresses

Many people are becoming interested in latex mattresses because of their all-natural qualities and their pressure point relief. Latex is naturally breathable and offers sturdy support, making it suitable for those with any type of back pain. 

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position can affect your back pain and help guide you to the best mattress. A few common sleeping positions are: 

  • Side sleeping: If you sleep on your side, you put pressure on your shoulders and hips. Look for a bed that is on the softer end of medium-firm. 
  • Back sleeping: back sleepers need something more firm than side-sleepers. This allows their shoulders to remain supported while their lower back sinks just enough to maintain the spine’s natural curve and relieve pressure. 
  • Stomach sleeping: Stomach sleepers need a very firm mattress. If they sink into the mattress too much, this leads to improper spinal support. These sleepers should also use a body pillow to hug, so their neck is not rotated too much at an awkward angle. 

Other Factors to Consider

When searching for the best mattress for your back pain, you should also consider your individual body type and your potential mattress’s quality. 

The firmness of your bed can affect your sleep, depending on your sleeping position. However, your weight also plays a part in how firm a mattress feels to you.

When you search for your next mattress, you will want to make sure you are investing in a quality product. The higher the mattress’s quality, the more durable it will be and the more likely it is to hold up over many years. If your mattress begins to sag prematurely, this can lead to worsened back pain. 

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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