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Sleeping On Your Stomach: What You Need to Know

what to know about sleeping on your stomach

Learn the facts about sleeping on your stomach.

Many people may want to know: is there a superior sleeping position? While some may say whatever is most comfortable is best, medical experts typically recommend the position that will keep your neck and spine aligned. Unfortunately, sleeping on your stomach is one of the most unnatural positions that place undue stress on your spine. However, there are some benefits to this sleeping position and actions you can take to relieve pressure on your spine. Read on to discover what you need to know about sleeping on your stomach. 

How Sleeping on Your Stomach Affects Your Neck and Spine

Sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on your back. Most of your weight is in your body’s middle, so you end up with the most pressure on your spine. This pressure can cut off blood flow to other parts of your body. 

Additionally, since you need to breathe, you will have to sleep with your head turned. This results in neck pain and puts additional strain on your spine. Then, since your spine’s nerves affect the rest of your body, you could end up with pain throughout your body. 

Pain and Sleep Deprivation

When you are sleeping, you may not realize you are in pain. What may happen instead is that you toss and turn through the night. This disrupts your sleep and leads to sleep deprivation. Deprivation has significant effects on your health, increasing your susceptibility to obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease, and more. 

Its Effects During Early Pregnancy Stages

While women late into their pregnancy should not be sleeping on their stomachs, this also goes for women early in their pregnancy. Pregnancy adds weight to the middle of the body, which increases the chance of spine damage.

Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy can also put pressure on the fetus, which could cause developmental issues. The best sleeping position for a pregnant woman is on her left side, in the fetal position. This increases healthy blood flow for optimal oxygen levels for both the woman and fetus. 

How to Sleep Well on Your Stomach

If you still find yourself sleeping on your stomach, there are a few things you can do to improve your sleep quality. First, put a pillow under your pelvis. This helps even out the angle of your spine. 

Next, consider getting rid of the pillow for your head or using a thin one. A firm mattress also helps your body be less affected by sleeping on your stomach. When you get up, stretch to put your body in alignment and strengthen your muscles. 

Are There Benefits to Sleeping On Your Stomach? 

There are some benefits to sleeping in this position. If you suffer from sleep apnea, sleeping this way can help improve your condition and provide you with deep sleep. Additionally, acid reflux and heartburn sufferers suffer less in this position. However, changing to a different sleeping position—at least for most of the time—is better for your health in the long run. 

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