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The Pros and Cons of Placing Your Mattress on the Floor

mattress on the floor with brown and red comforter

Sleeping with your mattress on the floor offers a few health benefits for back sleepers.

Although many Western cultures have fully embraced the practice of sleeping on lush mattresses in full bed frames, some people have found that resting your mattress on the floor, or sleeping on no mattress at all, is more beneficial for their particular needs. This practice is more common in Eastern parts of the world, but it is slowly gaining popularity across the West as the benefits that can come with placing your mattress on the floor become more evident. However, there can also be drawbacks. Read on to learn how you can potentially benefit from setting your mattress on the floor, and when the placement may not be best for your sleep health.

Health Benefits of Placing Your Mattress on the Floor

The primary benefit of sleeping with your mattress on the floor is improved blood circulation through your body. People also experience less neck and back pain when sleeping this way. 

Increased Temperature Regulation

Sleeping near the floor gives you access to cooler air, which helps you sleep better. A common reason for restless sleeping is increased body temperature. Colder air will help prevent you from sweating during the night and will benefit your respiratory system and your blood flow. 

During Freezing Conditions

Sleeping on the floor in warm climates can be beneficial, but if you are sleeping this way during freezing conditions, you could do harm to your lungs and constrict blood flow by inhaling frigid air. Make sure you regulate your room temperature accordingly.

Exposure to Dust

A disadvantage of placing your mattress on the floor is that it is more exposed to dust that accumulates on the ground. Regular cleaning is required to prevent respiratory problems and allergic reactions. The potentially harmful effects of inhaling dust and dirt particles can be partially avoided by raising your mattress slightly above the floor.

Your Mattress is at Risk for Mold Growth

When there is no adequate airflow, excessive heat, and sweat from your body can cause the mattress to trap the heat and liquid and form a layer of mold inside of it. Mold can cause allergic reactions as well as terrible odors that can require you to replace your mattress. 

Not Beneficial for Side Sleepers

Placing your mattress on the floor is not suitable for people who only sleep on one of their sides. The increased pressure on the mattress from the floor will cause discomfort in the hips and shoulders and make restful sleep more difficult. Sleeping on the floor is best for those who sleep on their backs or their stomachs. 

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