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How Better Sleep Habits Improve Your Life

a woman practices better sleep habits

Better sleep habits can have beneficial effects for your entire life.

You have likely heard that sleeping seven to nine hours a night is good for you. But do you know why? Sleeping seven to nine hours is not just necessary to give you enough energy to be alert during the day. There are several benefits your body receives through sleep, and which contribute to your overall health. Read on for five of these physical and mental benefits that come from better sleep habits. 

Better Sleep Habits Enable Better Focus

When you maintain better sleep habits, it is easier to be alert enough to focus on any lesson or task at hand. When you can focus, you can learn and remember what you are paying attention to. You are also less likely to have memory problems, like forgetting your neighbor’s name or your keys in the morning!

Better Sleep Helps You Feel Happier

When you are sleep-deprived, your emotions are harder to control, you become easily stressed, and that contributes to the feeling that coping with upsetting things is very difficult. The more sleep you get, the less cranky you are going to feel. Having a positive attitude and outlook will improve a lot of other areas of your life as well. 

You are More Productive with Better Sleep Habits

The energy and focus, as well as the positive attitude that come with better sleep habits all, contribute to increased productivity. Whether completing tasks at work or tackling home improvement projects you’ve been putting off, getting good sleep will give you the skills that enable you to complete any project with ease. 

You are Less Hungry

Sleeping helps to regulate two important hormones: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin makes you feel hungry, and leptin makes you feel full. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, these hormones don’t act as they should, and you generally feel hungrier. This is a reason why sleep-deprivation can often coincide with weight struggles.

Better Sleep Habits Help Prevent Sickness

Your immune system needs help in staying strong and fighting off colds and infections. The rest that comes with a good night’s sleep helps to restore your immune system’s strength. So, the more you sleep, the stronger your immune system. In the long-term, getting plenty of sleep helps to reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious ailments. 

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