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Sleepers Who Can Benefit From Motion Isolation In Their Mattress

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Couples can benefit significantly from motion isolation in their mattress.

Motion transfer is a common problem for many sleepers. But what is motion transfer? That phrase refers to the measure of how much movement is shared from one part of a mattress to another. If a mattress has a high motion transfer, any activity on the bed will be felt throughout the mattress. A mattress with low motion transfer will isolate movements more effectively. Mattresses with this motion isolation feature are often very popular for a variety of sleepers. In particular, four kinds of sleepers can significantly benefit from motion isolation in their mattress. 

Light Sleepers

If you or your partner are awakened by the slightest noise, change in light, or movement, you can find some relief through motion isolation. When a mattress has high motion transfer, a light sleeper will wake up anytime their partner moves. This is not ideal for comfort or good sleep quality. To eliminate these disturbances, search for a mattress with excellent motion isolation. 

Couples With Different Sleep Schedules

Ideally, everyone in your household would go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. It is more likely that you and your partner will go to bed and wake up at different times. To minimize the risk of the other person being disturbed when the other goes to sleep or wakes up, look for motion isolation in your mattress. 

Sleepers Who Toss and Turn 

Even if they sleep well, some sleepers are just more active than others while resting. Without a mattress with quality motion isolation, that active sleeper can wreak havoc on their partner’s sleep. Find a mattress that will absorb movements to help minimize the impact of your tossing and turning. If one sleeper is especially active, you may even consider purchasing a King-sized mattress to provide extra distance between partners.

Those With Insomnia

Setting up an ideal sleep environment is especially important for those who have insomnia. This condition can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep, especially if your sleep environment is less than ideal. If you’re sleeping on a mattress with high motion transfer, this can make insomnia worse. If you experience insomnia and sleep with a partner, try sleeping on a mattress with motion isolation to help you sleep better. 

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