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What a Mattress Warranty Covers

mattress warranty

Learn how a mattress warranty can and cannot help you.

When you purchase a mattress, it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty is meant to cover the replacement, repair, or refund of the mattress under particular circumstances. Warranties are intended to protect the customer in case of a manufacturing defect, but understanding a warranty’s specifics can be confusing as they contain confusing legal jargon. What can a mattress warranty do for you? Read on to find out how they work. 

What a Mattress Warranty Can Cover 

Every mattress company has small differences in their warranty; however, they often have features in common. Warranties usually cover physical defects in the product. This can include sagging, but just between 1.5 inches or three-quarters of an inch. Warranties can also cover coils breaking or popping out, foam tops bunching, or seams coming out of the mattress. If you suspect you have a warranty claim, contacting customer support and giving a detailed explanation may be required. 

What a Mattress Warranty Does Not Cover

A warranty will not be able to make up for comfort issues. However, most mattresses come with sleep trial periods, which offer you a refund for an unsatisfactory mattress. However, once that trial is over, you cannot easily replace your mattress because of discomfort. 

Warranties do not cover damage caused by the customer, like food stains, pet damage, or tearing sustained while moving. 

What Can Void a Warranty

Consumers must be careful to avoid things that can void mattress warranty claims. 

Removing the Law Tag

We are all familiar with the tag on the end of the mattress that says “do not remove under penalty of law.” The end-user is free to remove the tag, but removing it voids the warranty. This is because the label acts as an identifier for your mattress, proving it is the one you purchased. 


Your warranty will be void if the mattress becomes stained. You can prevent staining your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector.

Improper Support

If you fail to properly support your mattress with a new, high-quality bed frame or box spring, this can void your mattress warranty. 

Not Being the Original Buyer

If you are not the original purchaser, the mattress warranty no longer applies. Even if the warranty period hasn’t expired, buying a mattress second-hand will void the warranty.

By taking care of your mattress and carefully monitoring its condition, you can use your warranty to replace any poorly manufactured new item. 

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