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What to Consider Before Selecting Your Bed Frame

how to select a bed frame

Learn how you can find the best bed frame for your mattress.

Every element of your bedding setup should be in perfect harmony with one another. Some elements are apparent: a comfortable mattress, a cozy blanket, and pillows that suit how you sleep. Bed frames may not be the most exciting element of your bed, but like everything else, they are critical to the quality of sleep you get. With so many options out there, from the simplest of metal frames to the most elegant wooden frames, you may be at a loss for what kind of bed frame to purchase. We’ve got you covered.

Bed Size

We all know the classic variations in bed sizes: twin, extra-long twin, full, queen, king, and the coveted California king. If you already own the mattress you’ll be using; you will want to find a bed frame to fit. However, if you don’t have a mattress yet, think about some fundamental factors like how tall you are and whether you’ll be sleeping alone or not. A bed frame that’s comfortable enough for you and your needs, ensuring that you and anyone else you may sleep with can all fit, is essential.

Room Size

You may sleep alone but still want a massive king bed since you like the luxurious feel. That’s fine, but you also have to consider the size of the room you’re working with. Bulky, large bed frames are going to take up more space in your room, and you may not always have that much space to play around with. Different materials and builds are going to take up different amounts of space as well.

Frame Features

Even your bed frame can have a variety of features. Do you want a headboard? How much storage do you need? What kind of material do you want? Do you want casters so you can easily rearrange your furniture? Do you want something easy to disassemble when you move? All of these features are an excellent reason to purchase or pass on a frame.


The right bed frame allows you to get creative with accessories. You could use brackets to attach your very own headboard or footboard, creating a unique look. Alternatively, storage may be a big issue for you, so a frame with enough clearance could allow you to add under-bed drawers. If you need to add even more storage for larger items, you may want to think about bed risers, which give you more room and flexibility.

After considering these factors, you are prepared to select the very best bed frame for your comfortable new mattress.

Sleep Well With Bedding From All American Mattress

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