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7 Tips for Waking Up Early and Enthusiastically

tips for waking up early and refreshed

Learn how you can start waking up early feeling refreshed and revived.

Waking up early can be difficult for many people, but it can actually be quite beneficial. If you have made sure to get at least eight hours of sleep on a mattress that gives you appropriate support, you should be able to wake up early with a bit of practice and by following these tips below. 

Start Slowly

If you typically wake up at 8 am, don’t try to start waking up at 5 am suddenly. This will set you up for failure. Instead, gradually shift your sleep schedule by waking up 15 minutes earlier each day. This helps your body adjust naturally to your new schedule

Sleep Early

Naturally, a good way to start waking up early is to also go to bed early! It may be challenging to change your habits, but going to bed earlier will ensure that you get enough hours of sleep and won’t wake up feeling groggy and sleep-deprived. To help yourself fall asleep faster, avoid computers or phones before bedtime. 

Set an Alarm

Most likely, you will need an alarm to help you wake up. If you want to avoid hitting the snooze button, move the alarm out of arm’s reach, so you have to move to turn it off. You should also make the alarm have an upbeat sound, so you are waking up early to a noise that is pleasant and positive. 

Leave the Bedroom Immediately 

Don’t let yourself turn off your alarm and turn around and get back into bed! To avoid the temptation, go right to the bathroom or the coffeemaker after turning off your alarm. Walking even a short distance will help your body wake up and get started. 

Wake Up for a Good Reason

Sure, we all have chores we have to accomplish most days. But you shouldn’t use those reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Instead, when waking up early, think of something positive you plan to accomplish. Maybe you get to finish work early if you start early? Or perhaps you enjoy meditating to start the day? Remind yourself of the positive benefits of waking up early. 

Consider Waking Up Early Its Own Reward

Try to remember how you are rewarding yourself by waking up early. You now have extra time to enjoy your breakfast or relish your morning shower. Waking up early and on-time rather than at the last minute can help you get your day started on a positive note.

Make a Firm Decision to Wake Up Early

Ultimately, even when most of us say we will get up early the next day, we forget our resolve when the alarm goes off. An essential factor in waking up early is committing to your decisions. If you can’t reason with that “voice in your head” that says you should keep sleeping, try to adjust your external environment to prepare you for rising early. Move your alarm clock, leave window curtains open just so to let in sunlight, or make the coffeemaker more accessible. 

Whatever you have to do to make waking up early a more positive experience is the key to rising bright, early, and eager to start your day. 

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