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How Your Mattress Can Influence Your Sleep Temperature

how your bed can influence your sleep temperature

Learn how your bed composition can influence your sleep temperature.

Besides personal factors and your room temperature, your mattress plays a significant role in how cool or warm you feel when you sleep. This is because each bed type has different materials and properties which affect the temperature of your body. If sleep temperature is a concern for you, it can be helpful to understand the differences between each mattress material. Read on for information on popular mattress materials, as well as a few sleep temperature solutions. 

Latex Mattresses

Typically, about 7% of latex mattress owners report sleeping too hot. Latex mattresses have a low rate of heat complaints but vary depending on the bed composition. Natural latex beds may sleep cooler, while synthetic latex beds may feel warmer. Finally, those with thick layers of foam on top of the latex may sleep the warmest. Latex mattresses with pinholes throughout are also cooler, as are beds with breathable covers. 

Memory Foam Mattresses

About 9% of memory foam mattress owners feel that their sleep temperature is too high. Memory foam beds have a relatively high rate of heat complaints compared to other non-foam mattresses, but differences are spotted across brands and types of memory foam. Typically, higher density foam mattresses will sleep hotter. 

Gel-infused memory foam mattresses, as well as plant-based memory foam, can sleep much cooler. 

Innerspring or Coil Mattresses

About 10% of innerspring mattress owners report sleeping too hot, depending on their type of mattress. Innerspring mattresses have a core made of metal coils, topped with layers of foam and fiber. Those with thick comfort layers, or thick memory foam layers, are more likely to raise your sleep temperature. 

What to Do if Your Bed is Too Hot at Night

If you find that your sleep temperature is too hot and uncomfortable, you can try the following steps to lower your temperature comfortably: 

  • Use 100% cotton or bamboo sheets for hot summer nights, which have high breathability and moisture-wicking abilities.
  • Use lightweight covers made of natural, breathable fibers, as opposed to polyester or other synthetics which trap heat.
  • Choose a type of mattress known to sleep cool, such as plant-based memory foam mattresses or an innerspring without foam padding.
  • Uncover part of your body; as your blood circulates, it will cool the rest of you.

Your sleep temperature is crucial for a good night’s sleep. By taking measures to create a cool and comfortable sleep environment, you are creating healthy sleep habits. 

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