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The 3 Most Common Sleep Myths And The Truth

 Learn about the three most common sleep myths and the truth.

Learn about the three most common sleep myths and the truth.

There are many myths out there about sleep and mattresses, and it’s time to set the record straight! Some myths are so common and widespread that you may be very surprised to hear the actual truth behind the statements. Continue reading to learn about the truth behind the three most common sleep myths.

It’s Possible To Function Well On Less Than 5 Hours Of Sleep

While you may want to believe this statement is true based on your current sleep schedule, it is false! Despite all of the scientific evidence on how important sleep is for a productive and functional day, this myth is very persistent. For many people, getting seven to eight hours of sleep is considered a luxury rather than a daily occurrence. However, a full night of sleep is crucial to our wellbeing, mental and emotional wellness, physical health, and more. It doesn’t take much sleep deprivation to affect how we feel the following day- so don’t believe this myth and make sure you’re getting about eight hours of rest every night.

Loud Snoring Is Annoying But Normal

Snoring is more than just an annoyance; it is evidence of sleep-disordered breathing that can disrupt sleep and interfere with your quality of rest. Loud snoring shouldn’t be ignored, as it is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea that can be accompanied by series health risks. Classic sleep apnea symptoms include loud and frequent snoring, gasping or snorting sounds during sleep, trouble concentrating during the day, excessive sleepiness, and more. Both men and women can experience these symptoms, so if your partner or family member is snoring loudly, don’t ignore it!

Alcohol Can Be A Sleep Aid

Once again, there is a lot of evidence to prove that drinking alcohol before bed does not help with sleep, but many people continue to use alcohol as a sleep aid. While you may think that wine makes you tired and therefore is good to drink before bed, the opposite is true. Scientists and sleep experts have found that alcohol consumed close to bedtime disrupts sleep and causes unhealthful changes to sleep architecture. The next time you want to have a drink before bed, choose a glass of water or calming tea instead!

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