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How To Choose The Right Pillow For You

Tips for sleeping better

Check out these tips for choosing the right pillow for you.

You may think that all pillows are pretty much the same, but this isn’t the case! In fact, pillows can vary drastically, and the wrong one can cause terrible neck pain and a bad night’s sleep. Check out these tips on how to choose the right pillow for you.

Sleeping Position

While many of us move around during the night to get comfortable, we all have one position that feels the best. The majority of people sleep on their side, but there are a few back sleepers and stomach sleepers. According to physical therapists, the way you sleep can inform the type of pillow you need. For instance, side sleepers should choose a pillow that is firm with enough filling to occupy the space between your shoulder and head. If it is too flat or soft, your neck can bend at an unnatural angle and cause pain the next day.

On the other hand, back sleepers will benefit more from a flatter pillow, as a fluffy pillow will force their head too far forward. You may find it most comfortable to also sleep with a second pillow under your lower back. As for stomach sleepers, you may not even need a pillow at all. However, if you do use one, it should be slim and flat to help keep your neck in alignment while laying down.

Do You Get Hot While Sleeping?

Do you find yourself getting uncomfortably warm at night, even when the bedroom is cool? If so, you may be used to waking up in the middle of the night to turn over your pillow to the “cool side.” Instead of waking up every few hours, a copper pillow will allow you to stay cool while sleeping. Copper-infused pillows draw heat away from your body, so it is one of the best cooling materials for hot sleepers. The material is also antimicrobial, so it keeps your pillow nice and clean as well.

Specific Needs

Lastly, your perfect pillow will depend on your specific needs. If you have certain pain points, for example, you’ll want a pillow that takes relief off of your most painful areas. If you suffer from headaches, it’s worth it to look into trying a new pillow, as your head pain may be a result of your neck being unsupported at night.

Chronic snorers can also benefit from a new pillow- in fact, your pillow may even be contributing to your snoring. Snoring is related to the narrowing of your upper respiratory tract, so it’s best to sleep on your side with a pillow that supports your head and keeps your neck aligned.

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